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Jamie Shifflett
Owner and
Licensed Esthetician


  1. Receive a professional facial at least once a month to deep clean and correct skin problems.

  2. Wear an SPF 15 sunscreen every day, rain or shine. If you exfoliate often, go for an SPF 30+. Wear your sunscreen year-round, not just in the summer. Try Bioelements® Sun Diffusing Protector with SPF 15 or Bioelements® Year-Round Protector with SPF 30 for maximum sun protection.

  3. Use a gentle, low percentage alpha hydroxy acid creme around the eye area to fight off crowsfeet. Try Bioelements® Eye Area or Multi-Task Eye Kit to reduce fine lines and reduce the appearance of dark circles.

  4. To perk-up dull-looking skin, use an oxygen creme nightly. This will help detoxify your skin and brighten-up its tone. Bioelements® Oxygenation will revitalize and de-stress your skin with an oxygen boost. Also try Bioelements® Sleepwear with topical calcium and retinol to rebuild collagen and elastin that breaks down with aging. Visible results overnight!

  5. Get sleep. Without the proper rest, your face becomes puffy, your skin looks pale and drawn due to a lack of blood flow to the tissues.

  6. To prevent dryness and dehydration when the weather turns cold, protect your skin's barrier function by using a lipid replacement serum over your moisturizer. One to try: Bioelements® Recovery Serum.

  7. Mist your skin with a gentle toner before applying your moisture creme. This will lock in extra moisture and help guard against dehydration. Bioelements® Equalizer works best - and it is alcohol-free as well as custom blendable.

  8. For ultrasmooth body skin, exfoliate your entire body daily with a soft brush or cactus cloth before showering. Once a month, book a saltglow or exfoliation treatment at your favorite spa.

  9. Apply a lotion with no artificial colors or synthetic fragrances to your skin right out of the shower like Bioelements® Extremely Emollient Body Crème. Its quick absorbing treatment provides a 24 hour moisture barrier that builds with daily use. The aromatherapist oils leave a refreshing, clean scent on the skin.

  10. Rather than trying every new product that comes along, find an esthetician you trust and stick with their professional recommendations. You'll actually spend less money and have better-looking skin.
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